2016 Brownlow Predictions - Rolling Leaderboard

August 30th 2016, 8:35am, By: Drop Punta

2016 Brownlow Predictions - Rolling Leaderboard 

During the AFL season, Before You Bet's AFL tipster Drop Punta (@AFLBYB) will be providing his 2016 Brownlow Medal predictions including round-by-round votes and his rolling leaderboard. Last season saw his 2015 Brownlow vote predictions correctly pick the winner, while other data from the votes were used for huge profits in the most team vote and head-to-head markets.  

Over the last few years, Brownlow Medal betting has been one of the Before You Bet's most successful ventures. The amount of data available for punters to analyse before betting on the Brownlow is tremendous. None of us can read the umpires minds, but we can make educated guesses and over a season long period, hopefully won't be too far off the mark to predicting who we think will win the Brownlow Medal.

The way Drop Punta compiles his votes is by giving 6 total votes each round. Sometimes these votes will be split up in the traditional 3-2-1 fashion - but only when the vote giving is clear cut. When votes are, however, hard to split, half votes will be given with the idea being that in the long run, those half votes will average out.

For example, let's say in Round 3 it's too hard to split Nat Fyfe and David Mundy who both starred, so they are given 2.5 Brownlow votes each.  Then in Round 9 it is once again too hard to split Fyfe and Mundy so they again receive 2.5 votes each. They have now received a total of 5 votes over those two games, which should be just about right over a larger sample size.

It's not an exact science, of course, but it is believed this method helps to get a truer representation of a player's possible 'range' of votes. That's why on the rolling leaderboard below you will see 3 columns - their exact total that we have given them, their 'max' total (if all half votes were rounded up) and their 'min' votes (if all half votes are rounded down). If everything goes well, players should finish up with Brownlow votes within those ranges.  


You can find the Top 20 rolling 2016 Brownlow leaderboard below - which will be updated every single week. Underneath the leaderboard you can find links to each round-by-round vote pages so you can see what votes were given for every single game of the 2016 AFL season. 

2016 Brownlow Predicted Top 20 (Complete)  

2016 Brownlow Medal Vote Predictions


Round-by-Round 2016 Brownlow Vote Predictions

Click on the links below to see what Brownlow votes were given as predictions for every AFL game of the 2016 season.      

- Round 1 

- Round 2 

- Round 3 

- Round 4 

- Round 5 

- Round 6 

- Round 7

- Round 8 

- Round 9 

- Round 10 

- Round 11 

- Round 12 

- Round 13 

- Round 14 

- Round 15 

- Round 16 

- Round 17 

- Round 18  

- Round 19 

- Round 20 

- Round 21 

- Round 22 

- Round 23


Take note: Anything you read on this page is simply the author’s opinion, so bet at your own risk and always gamble responsibly.  Also be sure to check out the Before You Bet Twitter Page for all our thoughts in the lead up to bets! Happy punting!


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