PickleBet Review

The newest innovation in ESports gambling is here! Brisbane based company, PickleBet, launched in late 2018 and offers punters an all new way to bet on ESports as well as play daily fantasy ESports. Founded by Damon Oudejans and Nick Heaney with backing from parent company ‘Gamurs’, PickleBet is one of the first betting/daily fantasy sites to utilise cryptocurrency as a currency within its site.

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PickleBet Review

The use of cryptocurrency within the website allowed the company to raise crucial funds by offering their SKR coin on the market before the launch of the site. The team was able to raise over $800,000 in funds through their initial coin offering on the Ethereum blockchain.

While punters can still deposit, withdraw and bet with real money on the PickleBet platform, the cryptocurrency tokens will be used in the rewards system on PickleBet , which encourages users to grow the platform and increase the value of their tokens.

It might all sound a little bit complicated, but what does this mean for the average punter? Take it directly from the boss.

“Tokenising the platform means we can get rid of traditional currency and cut out things like transaction fees and banks, and we can provide users incentives to grow the platform,” Heaney says.

“If we wanted to reward a customer [with] $10 or $20 for referring a friend, we’d have to raise that money up front, but in this instance we can use the growth pool to reward that user. That can work for things like inviting friends, sharing things on social media, or verifying accounts.

It’s an interesting concept and one whose success will be determined by its popularity. But what is the actual PickleBet platform like to use? Considering they only offer ESports daily fantasy and betting markets with no traditional sports, the site looks quite empty at times, however, it is extremely easy to use in both the fantasy and betting sections.

Simplicty is the key with PickleBet . Unlike many other betting sites that feature a range of dirrerent sports, there aren’t thousands of links and tabs at PickleBet. Simply sort the betting markets by the ESport game you’re looking for ie. CS:GO, DOTA2, League of Legends in the top left hand corner and a list of betting markets will show up in chronological starting time order below.

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Creating an account with PickleBet is an easy process as well. Simply enter your email in the top right hand corner of the screen and then you’ll be prompted to enter other details such as name, date of birth, address, password and you are ready to go!

At the moment, PickleBet offers only one method of deposit, which is credit card. As I’s still in its infancy as a company, we expect more depositing and withdrawal options to pop up in the near future.

One of the most important aspects of customer service that has become standard in all of the top online gambling sites in Australia is a live chat feature and PickleBet offer that along with a range of different tutorials on how to bet, FAQ and user guides that make the user experience a breezy one.


Take care when signing up to new sports betting agencies. Be sure to read all terms and conditions of any offers, deposit/withdrawal requirements and identification verification on each respective site, as some of the information on this page may be outdated. Before You Bet will do their best to keep this page up to date, but takes no responsibility for any information on this page being incorrect. 

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