Survivor Australia All-Stars Final Week Betting Odds

March 23rd 2020, 10:51am, By: admin

Survivor Australia All-Stars is entering the home straight with just five players remaining in contention for the $500,000 first-place prize and the coveted title of “Sole Survivor”.

It’s been a fun series to follow for Australian reality TV fans. All the players were “All Stars” which meant they had all played the game of Survivor before, and the majority of them were serious game players.

Some tough opponents have been sent packing with plenty of blindsides and twists to keep the Survivor players on their toes. Big game players such as Henry, Nick, Mat, Abbey, Flick and Harry have all been sent packing, and with goats Zach and Jacqui recently banished to the jury, followed by the lovable Shonee and number-cruncher AK, we’re now left with five who all have a strong case to claim the title.

The King of this season has been the “Golden God” himself, Survivor super model, David. Somehow he survived being an early target, and has dodged and weaved from both the bottom and the top of his alliances to remain in the game. He found not one, but two hidden immunity idols, and even when he flashed one of them at tribal council, he still managed to avoid having votes thrown at him to flush it out. Incredible manipulation really, and if he goes all the way to the end, he’s going to be hard to stop to win the title.

Former AFLW footballer, Moana Hope has also played a great game. She’s a quiet, stealthy player, but has been in control of her own destiny the whole way. It remains to be seen whether she can turn on David and get him out of the game or whether these two unlikely allies will remain strong to the end.

Sharn is one who has been there before as a former runner-up on the show. She plays a great triple-threat game of social, physical and strategic. However she has shown David that she can’t be trusted, and even though it looks like she’s going to be the one to initiate a push to dethrone the King, you get the feeling that David knows exactly what she’s thinking and will be able to thwart her attack.

Fan favourite Tarzan is probably the least likely of the remaining five to still be in contention. Tarzan is a hard-working, honest asset which is perfect for any alliance, but he’s really not much of a game player at all. He’s latched onto David, and you could argue that he’s helped protect David for much of the journey, but was that of his own doing, or just part of David’s master plan?

Finally we have Brooke who has proven to be a challenge beast this season. She achieved her goal of getting revenge against former best friend Flick, and has been forced to battle on the wrong side of the numbers since the tribes were merged. She would be a worthy winner but how can she crack open the majority alliance? No one wants to be up against Brooke in the final immunity challenge, so it seems unlikely they’ll let her get that close.

You can watch the final week of Survivor on Channel Ten, and you can bet on Survivor Australia at Sportsbet, with the latest betting markets below.

Survivor Australian All-Stars Betting Odds

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