Our educational content provides help for a wide range of sports betting punters, starting from help guides for beginners through to advanced betting strategies. This is a great resource to learn the ropes with sports betting, improve your strategies and increase your profit!

How do Multis Work in Betting How do Multis Work in Betting

Multis, sometimes referred to as parlays or accumulators, are a great way to turn a small investment into a big return. Find out how multis work in betting

Hitting the Sweet Spot with Line BettingHitting the Sweet Spot with Line Betting

Line betting strategies can be important as there can often be a sweet spot that gives you a chance to freeroll or make guaranteed money.

How to Back and Lay Bets on Betfair How to Back and Lay Bets on Betfair

Backing and laying bets on Betfair is easy once you understand how it works. So learn how right here at Before You Bet!

Sports Betting vigUnderstanding "Vig" in Sports Betting

In order to be successful at sports betting, it's important to undertstand how sports betting companies make their money. We explore the concept of "vig" or "vigorish" in sports betting and how sports betting companies frame their markets to guarantee a profit regardless of the result.

Betting Strategy: Laying the Field - Optimal ConditionsBetting Strategy: Laying the Field - Optimal Conditions

We take a closer look at the "Laying the Field" betting strategy, and explore the factors to consider and the optimal conditions to employ this strategy to make a profit.

The importance of getting the best oddsThe importance of getting the best odds

One of the key differences between casual and professional sports betting is getting the best odds possible. In this free article we explore the concept that sports betting isn't always about picking winners, but is about finding bets that will show a long-term profitable projection.

Betting Strategy: Laying the FieldBetting Strategy: Laying the Field

One popular horse racing betting strategy is “laying the field”. In this article, we provide the basics of the "laying the field" strategy and how you can potentially win a big return for a small risk.

Tips for successful sports bettingTips for successful sports betting

Learn about the difference between losing punters and long-term successful sports betting professionals as we look at the key factors to sports betting success.

Scalping for profitScalping for profit

Scalping is a technique used by many sports traders to take a small profit many times over at minimal risk. It's a useful technique that should be in every sports trader's arsenal. We provide a guide to understanding how scalping works, which sports can be targeted and the risks associated with the sports trading technique.

Sports TradingThe basics of Sports Trading

Understanding the basics of sports trading is the first step from evolving from recreational sports betting to calculated, professional sports trading. We remove the gamble from the equation and look to maximize your edge as an Australian punter trying to be a smart bettor.



Best Australian Sports Betting Sites

The best Australian sports betting sites ensure safe and successful online betting for punters. Here's our list of the best sports betting options in Australia.


Streaming Live Sports on Australian Betting Sites

Here's a run down of which Australian sports betting sites offer live streaming action of your favourite sports!


Best Australian Sports Betting Apps

What are the best Australian sports betting apps? Punters love the convenience of betting on mobile, so we thought we'd look at the best sports betting apps available today, to help you choose the best sports betting site for your iOS or Android mobile device. We highlight our top five Australian sports betting apps based on the usability and features of their app, as well as key mobile app features from all of our partnered sports betting sites.



2021-22 NBL Fixture

12th October 2021

The 2021-22 NBL fixture has been released! The season will open up on Friday, the 3rd of December with a headline clash between the brand new expansion team, the Tasmania JackJumpers taking on the Adelaide 36ers! See the full schedule here


2021 AFL Brownlow Medal: Team Voting

14th September 2021

The Brownlow Team Votes markets are one of the first to be released across the major sports betting sites, and there's some early value around for sharp punters. Don't bother paying for Brownlow tip packages when we have all the information you need for free!


2021 AFL Brownlow Medal: Round Voting

14th September 2021

We dive into the 2021 Brownlow Medal count with and an overview of round voting throughout the evening to look at the way the count may unfold. We also look at some of the popular betting markets such as who polled in the most games and who will collect the most 3 votes.


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