Betting on esports has taken off in recent years with tournaments in CS:GO, Dota 2, League of Legends and Call of Duty among those to attract a global audience of millions of fans. We provide regular previews for the biggest esports tournaments in the world with our esports betting tips. 

how to bet on esports in australiaHow to Bet on eSports in Australia

With the phenomenon of eSports finally starting to take off in Australia, we thought we'd give you a quick 'how to' guide on betting on eSports in Australia!

Esports Betting Tips: Thursday, May 28th

The DOTA2 ESL One Birmingham tournament worth a monster $355,000 continues this Thursday night and we have you covered with a full preview and betting tips for three of the key clashes of the night here.

Esports Betting Tips: Wednesday, May 27th

We are focused in on the DOTA2 ESL One Birmingham this Wednesday night and into Thursday morning! We have three best bets from the key matches overnight here.

Esports Betting Tips: Tuesday, May 26th

Another great night of esports betting to look forward to this Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning! The DOTA2 ESL One Birmingham takes centre stage tonight and we have a full preview and betting tips for the key matchups here

Esports Betting Tips: Monday, May 25th

Plenty of great esports action to enjoy this Monday night and into Tuesday morning inlcuding big matchups in the CS:GO DreamHack Masters and DOTA2 ESL One Birmingham! See our best bets for the night here.

Esports Betting Tips: Sunday, May 24th

There's plenty of great esports action coming our way as we bring you our best esports betting tips for Sunday night and into Monday morning Australian time from ESL One Birmingham and DreamHack Masters Spring 2020.

Esports Betting Tips: Saturday, May 23rd

Another big night of esports action coming up this Saturday night and into Sunday morning with some solid matchups in the DOTA2 ESL One Birmingham and the CS:GO DreamHack Masters. See our best bets of the nigh here.

Call of Duty League: Week 8 (Seattle) Betting Tips

Another big weekend coming up in the Call of Duty League as the Seattle Surge host their home series, albeit online! See our full preview and betting tips for the event here

Esports Betting Tips: Friday, May 22nd

Another big night of esports action coming up this Friday, the 22nd of May and into Saturday morning! As usual, we have a full preview and betting tips for some of our favourite matchups of the night, including games from the DOTA2 ESL One Birmingham and the CA:GO DreamHack Masters.

Esports Betting Tips: Thursday, May 21st

We're back with more great esports betting tips from the online world of CS:GO and Dota2. We take a look at the key match ups for the day from ESL One Brimingham 2020 as well as Home Sweet Home Cup 5.



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The basics of Sports Trading

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25th May 2020

The AFL season is set to make its long awaited return from the COVID-19 pandemic! We have the updated and revamped schedule from Rounds 2-5 here!


2020 NRL Draw

21st May 2020

The NRL have announced the full fixture for the remainder of the 2020 NRL season with games set to recommence on Thursday, May 28th. We have the full 2020 NRL Draw for you here.


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The National Football League (NFL) have announced their 2020 NFL schedule with the action kicking off on September 10th. Check out the full NFL schedule here.



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