Geeks Toy Review

Geeks Toy is one of the best pieces of Betfair trading software available on the market today. It provides new and experienced sports betting traders with relevant data and tools to improve efficiency and maximise profit! We have a full review of Geeks Toy here.

Geeks Toy 

Founded in 2007, Geeks Toy is the brainchild of a self-titled ‘Geek’ who stumbled upon Betfair trading whilst researching another project. With a serious lack of reliable trading software on the market, the Geek started to work on a new piece of software, and in 2009, Geeks Toy was launched.

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What is Geeks Toy?

If we want to look at what Geeks Toy does, we first have to understand sports trading. In short, trading is a form of wagering where the punter will both back and lay a bet as the markets fluctuate in price to hopefully give themselves a profit regardless of the outcome of the sporting event or race. To learn more about sports trading, head to our Educational section, which features some great introductory articles on different sports betting topics.

The simplest way to define Geeks Toy is that it is a collection of real time data. It allows traders the ability to view Betfair prices in real time, place, amend and cancel bets with a single click and monitor their live and upcoming bets all in one place.

While the Betfair website itself can be slow and tricky to navigate, Geeks Toy is a streamlined way to view and manipulate data. Clicking between the Betfair pages can be painstaking when you have to load a new screen every time you want to view a new page. With Geeks Toy, all of the data is just a second away with their lightning fast software, meaning you’ll never miss out on the optimum price again.

While some other forms of Betfair trading software do offer a free version, Geeks Toy does not. They do offer a free 14-day trial. However, it is on the cheaper side when it comes to this type of product, at around AU$106 (£60.00) per year, depending on the current exchange rate.

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Geeks Toy Tutorials

If you're knew to Geeks Toy or Betfair trading in general, Geeks Toy have a great selection of tutorials and guides available on their website to help you navigate the software! Geeks Toy have an array of tools that teach you how to use the software with racing, tennis soccer and more, and they also have some ins and outs of Betfair Trading that are useful to both new and experienced traders. 

When you click the link to head to the Geeks Toy website, find the 'Knowledge' tab at the top of the page to view a list of different ways Geeks Toy can help you get better at trading including fantastic feature called 'Newbies Tour' which has an array of instructional videos and articles! 

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Lightning Fast

At its core, Betfair third party trading software needs to be, above all else, fast. Because you’re placing bets in real time with the markets changing every second, if the prices don’t update quickly then you have potential to miss out on the optimal price. Geeks Toy has made a name amongst professional traders as arguably the quickest and most reliable software available on the market.

Multi Market Trading

While many new traders start out by placing and following just one market at time, as you get more comfortable in the game, you will start to see more and more opportunities arising by the minute. This is where you need the ability to monitor multiple markets at a time. With Geeks Toy, you can view more than one market at a time and arrange them in any order you want e.g. by sport type or start time.

Enhanced Market Navigation

As far as navigation goes, there aren’t many that do it quite like Geeks Toy. While other software can at times be a little daunting when you first log in, Geeks Toy makes it pretty easy to quickly navigate the markets and find the right one for you. This is helpful to new users who want a use friendly experience but also to experienced users who need to find their markets in an instant.


As we mentioned above, there is no free version of Geeks Toy, however, the price is relatively low when you compare it to other products currently on the market. At around AU$106 (£60.00) a year, if you consider yourself a part or full time trader on Betfair, it’s almost a must have.

If you want to try the  Geeks Toy software with no commitments, they offer a totally free 14-day-trial for their professional software that you should take advantage before signing up to the paid version! 


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