Bet Angel Review


Bet Angel is a third party trading software app that works in conjunction with the Betfair Exchange to guide potential traders through the process of Betfair trading. We have a full review of the Bet Angel software here.

Bet Angel

Bet Angel was originally founded by Peter Webb, who was one of the first known traders in the betting exchange scene. He was very active on social media as the ‘Bet Angel’ and subsequently developed the software to help others to also take advantage of Betfair trading.

bet angel review

What is Bet Angel?

If we want to look at what Bet Angel does, we first have to understand the basics of sports trading. In short, trading is a form of wagering where the punter will both back and lay a bet as the markets fluctuate in price to hopefully give themselves a profit regardless of the outcome of the sporting event or race. To find out more about sports trading, head to our Educational section, which features some great introductory articles on different sports betting topics.

Bet Angel’s objective is to give traders the best possible chance of making their bet pay. Bet Angel is software that aids both new and experienced traders through the process of Betfair trading. The application allows you to scan different markets and place bets quickly and seamlessly through the Betfair platform.

There are three different versions of Bet Angel available to the public, the Trader, the Professional and the Basic. Each one offers different features and costs vary depending on which package you select.

The basic Bet Angel package is a free service that potential traders or even just everyday punters can use to get an edge, while the paid versions feature a range of different tools including streaming, charting, technical indicators, fill or kill orders, stops, trailing stops, multi-screen trading, connection modes, keep bets and many other features.

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There are many different features that the Bet Angel application offers. While a limited amount of them are available in the free version, if you order the professional version you’ll be treated to an absolute smorgasbord of data and features right at your fingertips. Here are all of the features that are available in the professional version.


The bread and butter of the Bet Angel software is charting. While many traders, as well as other trading software, relies on the charts on the actual BetFair website, Bet Angel has their own advanced charting windows that offer much more detail and allow you to customise the parameters to suit your setup.


While automation isn’t recommended for beginner traders, it is a useful tool for the more experienced users who want to set parameters that allows the Bet Angel application to do the work for them. With the automation feature, you can set Bet Angel to automatically back and lay different markets when they reach a certain price-point, so you don’t have to be watching the markets constantly.


The Guardian feature allows you to narrow your field of view to simply the markets you are interested in. From the Guardian you can search the thousands of markets on Betfair and add them into your watch list, where they will be refreshed regularly. This is helpful on a busy sporting day such as a weekend when there are multiple sporting events on but you only want to keep an eye on a select few.

Focused Soccer & Tennis Tools

With the betting markets being saturated so much by tennis matches and soccer games all over the world, Bet Angel has devised two different tools that focus on these two sports named the Soccer Mystic and the Tennis Trader. These are great tools if you want to focus on an individual match and particularly if you will be placing live bets on these matches. They help predict which way the markets will move if a certain outcome occurs ie. a goal in a game of soccer.

Practice Mode

One of the best things about Bet Angel, particularly for beginners, is the practice mode. Here you can learn the ins and outs of Bet Angel and how to use the software without actually placing any real bets. Feel free to make as many mistakes as possible in the practice mode as you learn without any risks!

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Bet Angel Tutorials

If you're knew to Bet Angel or Betfair trading in general, Bet Angel have a great selection of tutorials and guides available on their website to help you navigate the software! Bet Angel have an array of tools that teach you how to use the software with racing, tennis soccer and more, and they also have some ins and outs of Betfair Trading that are useful to both new and experienced traders. 

When you click the link to head to the Bet Angel website, find the 'Support' tab at the top of the page to view a list of different ways Bet Angel can help you get better at trading including a full user guide to the software, an easy to read how to guide on the product, FAQ's, videos and a contact support feature! 


As we mentioned above, the Bet Angel platform comes in three different variations. The Basic, The Trader and The Professional. While the basic is completely free to use, its features are extremely limited and is really just an introductory feature.

If you want a more seamless transition into the world of trading, we recommend either the Trader or the Professional versions, which both offer plenty of great features like the ones we outlined above.

The Trader will cost you around AU$106 (£60.00) per year depending on the current exchange rate while the Professional version will cost you around AU$266 (£149.99) per year. While both options are a financial commitment, when weighed up against the potential to earn with these products, we think it’s a no brainer.


If you want to try the Bet Angel software with no commitments, they offer a totally free 14-day-trial for their professional software that you should take advantage before signing up to the paid version! 

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