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Swopstakes is an award-winning social sweepstake where users play games on live racing and sports. Members will compete in a sweepstake that is played out over an entire meeting. For most people, the Melbourne Cup is a sweepstake where people pay to be randomly allocated a horse or horses in the hope that their runner wins the Cup.

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Swopstakes Positives Swopstakes Negatives
Small outlay for large potential wins No fixed odds betting markets
Fun and easy to play game  
Easy to use customer support  

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About Swopstakes

With Swopstakes, a game is played out over an entire race meeting. A pool of unique tickets will be available at the start and by the end of the meeting, only one winning ticket will have the winner of every race. There are two ways that you can play Swopstakes. Option one is to buy tickets and let them play out. The other is better suited to keen fantasy sports’ fans by allowing the following choices:

* Hold – keep tickets that you think can win

* Fold – cash out tickets you think are going to lose

* Raise – buy more tickets so that you can increase your chance of being the winner

* Swop – throw out all tickets and re-draw new ones

Every game offers members a chance to win cash prizes. The grand prize tends to be cash, with around $250 being the norm for a horse racing game. Consolation prizes in the form of FTP Credits are also awarded for those that get knocked out late.


How Does it Work? 

So how do you purchase tickets? Once again there are two options. When you are in the game screen, you can click the buy button and purchase the number of tickets that you want. In Spring Carnival Challenge games, you can search for tickets that will have the runner (or sporting team) that you like. These will be tickets that other players have cashed-out – see the fold option above. 

When tickets are allocated after purchasing them, they are assigned a value based on the ticket’s current chance of winning. Ticket values will fluctuate with market opinion (odds) changing and they will increase after surviving an event because there are less tickets left that can win. Sometimes it will be beneficial to cash-out if you think your ticket won’t survive the next event. You may have had a good run and now only have an 8% chance of getting through to the next round, so you may cash-out for a collect. 

You can swop tickets as mentioned earlier. You are essentially cashing-out your current tickets and re-drawing new ones. These re-drawn tickets are picked at random from tickets in the Pool, with your old tickets going into the pool so that others may be able to re-draw them. There is a cost associated with using the swop option, and it will be indicated before you confirm the ticket swop. 

More Information

There is a comprehensive page for learning how to play Swopstakes and we recommend that you check it out before playing, so that you can fully understand how the website works. Head on over to learn.swopstakes.com to find out everything to know about Swopstakes so that you can start winning!

A demo game is also available on the Swopstakes home page and this will help show how Swopstakes works. 


Swopstakes Website

The Swopstakes website is simple to use and offers a great range of instructional and tutorial information if you are new to the website or the game itself. On the homepage of the Swopstakes website, you'll find e comprehensive list of the upcoming events, which can range from horse meets to sporting events such as AFL, NFL, NBA and NRL! The website is super easy to navigate and once you have the hang of the game itself, you will have no problem entering multiple contests and tracking your progress in real time! 

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Swopstakes Deposit/Withdraw Options

Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Withdrawal $10
Deposit Methods Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Withdrawal Methods Bank Transfer


Swopstakes Customer Support

Email support@swopstakes.com
Live Chat Available 24/7 via the Swopstakes homepage
Phone N/A

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