Sportsbet Review

One of the most popular Australian sports betting websites is certainly Sportsbet. The company was formed in 1993 and in 2005 was taken over by Matthew Tripp who eventually expanded the company from eight employees to more than 250. before moving on to CrownBet. In 2009, Sportsbet was acquired by giant Irish sports betting company Paddy Power, but Sportsbet does run as a separate entity. Sportsbet is well known for huge amounts of advertising at the largest sporting events in the world and is arguably the most well-known betting company in the country outside the TAB. Find out more information in our Sportsbet review.

Sportsbet Review

As soon as punters load up it will become very clear that they are dealing with a very slick and easy to use sports betting website. All betting options are mapped out clearly as it’s easy to find categories clearly in the left hand column, while the current promos and a list of upcoming races are displayed in the centre column. Placing a bet is very simple at Sportsbet, with a betting slip displayed on the right-hand side below all the account options and login area.

Like many Australian bookies, there is certainly a focus on betting on horse racing at Sportsbet, though the site is well known for having one of the largest selection of betting markets including sports from all around the world and even entertainment betting such as betting on the outcome of reality TV programs and the results of award shows like the Oscars.

One big positive of choosing to open an account at Sportsbet is that they are a massive company with a great reputation for safe transactions and safe handling of your money. Punters will find it easy to deposit on Sportsbet and just as easy to verify their accounts and withdraw their money.

Withdrawing has been made even easier as Sportsbet introduced a Sportsbet Cash Card which allows punters instant access to their money at any ATM in Australia. This card can also be used in any stores where Eftpos is accepted. Introducing this ATM card was a great move by Sportsbet as there is nothing worse than having a win punting at an online sportsbook and it taking days for the winnings to appear in your bank account.

Sportsbet screen

Considering their size, it’s not surprising that Sportsbet are known for running some of the best regular promotions in the country. There are often specific promotions running for multiple different sporting events every single day.

Sportsbet do seem to focus their business model and marketing on recreational and new punters, and therefore the more advanced or professional punter is often forgotten. A common complaint is that Sportsbet are known to limit the action, or ban accounts all together, for winning too consistently.

Taking all of this into account, Sportsbet might not be the best place for a professional punter, but it’s certainly a great site for new and low-stakes punters looking for a simple and safe betting experience and looking to cash in on some great promotions on a huge amount of sporting events.

Sportsbet is also committed to responsible gambling, launching a $1.5 million 'Take a Break' ad campaign in 2015 which shows that aren't all about fleecing punters of their cash. 

Sportsbet – Positives

* One of the most well-known and safest betting sites in Australia
* Great consistent promotions on multiple sporting events
* Easy to deposit and withdraw
* Sportsbet Cash Card allows instant access to winnings
* Largest range of betting options in Australia
* Extremely coherent betting interface

Sportsbet – Negatives

* Known to limit action / betting amounts of big winning punters



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