SportChamps Australia Review

SportChamps are one of the newest and most exciting fantasy betting agencies to hit Australia. Launched in 2016, SportChamps adds fuel to the growing fire that is tournament-style fantasy betting that was lit by the likes of the now defunct TopBetta.

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SportChamps Positives SportChamps Negatives
Daily racing and sports tournaments Some bugs with the mobile app
High percentage payout Limited deposit/withdrawal options
Excellent website, user friendly  
Great customer service  

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About SportChamps

SportChamps specialises in the tournaments, and doesn’t offer any regular cash betting markets for sports or racing. Tournament-style fantasy betting is a fun way to bet against other punters instead of the bookies and a great way to limit your losses so we definitely recommend giving it a go!

Launched in 2016, SportChamps is the brian-child of former bookmaker Alan Eskander, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. From the SportChamps website: “Born from a dream to give punters a platform that combined their two specialties (no, not eating pizza and missionary position) - winning cash and talking trash, SportChamps has quickly become Australia’s Home of Tournament Betting.”

SportChamps Tournaments

After you’ve created your account, you’re free to head to the lobby and peruse the wide range of tournament options they have. SportChamps have a great range of sports on their menu including AFL, NBA, Soccer, NRL, Super Rugby, Horse Racing and more! We also expect as SportChamps continues to grow, we will see more obscure sports come into the fray quite quickly.

The entry fees for tournaments cater mostly to beginners and new tournament punters. Tournaments range from free-to-enter up to $100 entry. This means that the prize pools aren't yet attractive enough for professional punters, but if you’re just starting out then SportChamps is perfect for you to learn the ropes and build a bankroll.

Recently SportChamps have built up their user base so that they are now able to offer substantial prize pools. Thousands of dollars in prize money for just a $2 entry are common events and their weekend horse racing contests are often in excess of $10,000.

At the moment, SportsChamps tournaments pay out the top 40% of the field, which is quite a flat payout structure to give more people a chance to finish in the money. Also, deposit and withdrawal options are limited at the moment but hopefully this will improve over time.

SportChamps Target Tournaments

SportChamps have announced a brand new style of tournament for the upcoming Spring Carnival, the Target Tournament! 

Instead of having to compete against other punters for a share of the prizepool, all you'll have to do to collect in the target tournament is work your kitty up to a specified ChampCash line, where you can 5x, 10x or even 25x your entry fee! 

SportChamps Features

One of the great things about tournament-style fantasy betting is the ability to have a fun experience betting over an extended period of time, but limit your losses to whatever amount you choose! If you enter a $50 tournament that spans the weekend, you know you can only lose $50 for the weekend but you can still have a great time and sweat plenty of games betting with your chips. The software is very smooth and easy to use, and their mobile app is one of the better sports betting apps we've reviewed.

Another great aspect is that you have the ability to bet against your mates and sledge them out using the chat box. There’s nothing better than jagging that $10 underdog to beat your best mate on the last event of a tournament!

SportChamps Website

When you first arrive at SportChamps, you'll be directed to a front page that briefly explains how tournament betting works and what SportChamps are going for. Their motto is "Bet against punters, not bloody bookies" which is a great slogan and exemplifies why tournament style betting is such a great idea.

From the home page, you can either head straight to the lobby and check out the types of tournaments they have or you can go ahead and click the ‘Sign Up’ link straight away. Signing up is as easy as any other betting agency - they’ll just prompt you for your basic details.. Verification is also very simple and just requires you to send an email with your card details to the verification centre.

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SportChamps Mobile App

The SportChamps mobile app is free to download and available on both the iOS and Android stores. There is still some minor bugs that SportChamps is working through but overall, the app is a very user friendly experience and allows you to track your progress in tournaments in real time as well as place bets on upcoming events.

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SportChamps Deposit/Withdrawal Information

Minimum Deposit $1
Minimum Withdrawal $10
Deposit Methods Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Withdrawal Methods Bank Transfer

SportChamps Customer Support

Phone 08 8999 1800
Live Chat Available from any page on the SportChamps website via the bottom right corner of the screen

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Note: information in above video correct at time of recording.

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