Pointsbet Review

Pointsbet is one of the most exciting online sportsbooks in Australia and is quickly becoming a must have in any punters betting arsenal. The sportsbook first launched ‘spread betting’ in Australia but has since adapted to offer a full range of standard sports and racing fixed odds markets. We’ll go into it in a little more detail in our Pointsbet review below!

pointsbet rating

Pointsbet Positives Pointsbet Negatives
New and exciting spread betting format Spread betting has large variance - potential to lose more
Regular sportsbook with competitive odds  
Easy to deposit/withdraw  
Great customer service  

About Pointsbet

Pointsbet launched in Australia in 2017 and have rapidly grown to become one of the major players not only domestically but also internationally. They were the first Australian bookmaker to venture into the United States markets when legislation began to legalise sports gambling and they continue to grow at a rapid pace.

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When they first launched, Pointsbet were heavily focused on the advent of ‘spread betting’ and while that is still a major feature on their site, they now also offer a full range of fixed odds racing and sports markets.

Pointsbet Betting Markets

Spread betting has arrived in Australia in the form of online betting site Pointsbet. The first of its kind on our shores, Pointsbet brings the excitement of spread betting to an online format for Aussies punters, who can now ride every point, goal or stat, regardless of the result, until the very end of the contest. If you don’t already know what spread betting is, we’ll go into it in a little more detail in our Pointsbet review below!

Outside of spread betting, Pointsbet also offer a full range of racing and sports markets with a wide range of sports on offer, currently you can bet on anything from AFL, NRL, Cricket, NFL, NBA, MLB, Soccer and a heap more.

Pointsbet Features

Obviously the main feature of the Pointsbet brand is their offering of spread betting markets. Spread betting is tricky to wrap your head around at first, but when get the hang of it, it’s arguably one of the most fun, and (sometimes) profitable, types of betting!

How it works

For every market, Pointsbet will nominate a “spread”. It’s your job to determine whether the stat or unit of measurement in the game will be higher or lower than the spread offered. If you pick correctly, you’ll win your stake multiplied by the number of points the result was over/under the spread!  So a winning result can be quite profitable! The catch is that if you take the wrong side then you’ll lose your stake multiplied by the points difference. So the swings in spread betting can be pretty dramatic. But, of course, you can set a maximum exposure or loss within this.

Pointsbet Website

When you arrive at the Pointsbet homepage, you’ll be greeted by a bunch of highlighted events and markets they have on offer. In the top right corner of the page you’ll have the option to sign up or log in.

Signing up is simple and verification of your account simply requires you to send a photo of your ID and credit card to the verification email supplied. For all of you more experienced punters, Pointsbet have the option to set up a credit line, while credit card and bank transfer options are also available to deposit/withdraw.

pointsbet screenshot

Pointsbet App

In their infancy, the Pointsbet app has already been through a few different overhauls, but the current version of it is extremely smooth and easy to use. It is available on both iOS and Android devices and offers a fairly seamless betting experience for Pointsbet customers.

pointsbet app

Pointsbet Deposit/Withdraw Options

Minimum Deposit $10
Minimum Withdrawal $10
Instant Deposit Methods Debit/Credit Card and POLi
Non-Instant Deposit Methods Cash Deposit and Bank Transfer
Withdrawal Methods Bank Transfer


Pointsbet Customer Support

Email support@pointsbet.com
Live Chat Available 24/7 via the Pointsbet homepage
Phone 13-PBET (13 72 38)


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