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Kayo Sports Live Streaming Review

The newest revolution in Australian sports streaming is here... Introducing KayoSports! KayoSports is a brand-new initiative started by one of the worldwide leaders in sports broadcasting, Fox Sports. We take a look at the product in full and give our Kayo review below. 

Kayo is an Australian owned and Australian operated sports streaming service created to give you a new way to get closer to the sports you love than ever before. In conjunction with Fox Sports and Foxtel Australia, Kayo is able to bring you live broadcasts of over 50 different sports leagues around the globe without the hassle of signing up to multiple streaming services. 

Kayo has subscription services available to cover all sports lovers, and you can watch on all different devices including multiple TV apps, computer, phone and tablet

Kayo takes your sports viewing experience to the next level with interactive statsalerts and more. They also offer a range of different features if you aren't able to tune into the game live, such as spoiler free and ad free catchups.

There are also some key features for us sports betting fans that will certainly make life easier when betting on sport. The first of which is split view, which gives punters the opportunity to stream up to four different sporting events at once! This is great if you have a multi going with multiple games/sports and want to make sure you've got the latest on each. 

The second key feature for betting fans and particularly daily fantasy fans is the live stats and updates features. If you're sweating a daily fantasy lineup and don't want to be attached to your phone for the entire game, than Kayo have you covered with regular on screen stat updates

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The real question on everyone’s lips, however, is ‘what content will be available to Kayo subscribers?' The answer is extensive.

Australia’s leading sports broadcasters, such as Fox Sports AustraliaESPN and beIN SPORTS, are all already signed on to be partnered with Kayo, so whatever you have become accustomed to seeing on those channels, you can expect to see on Kayo, but it doesn’t stop there.

Kayo also features a range of  other sports, including but not limited to; international cricket, domestic cricket, AFL, NRL, A-League, F1, NBA, NBL, NFL, international rugby, Super Rugby, La Liga, Wimbledon, SuperCars, MotoGP, The Masters, The French Open, Serie A, Bundesliga and the WSL. 

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How much does Kayo cost?  
There are two different types of subscriptions that you can sign up for. The first is the basic subscription, which allows you to stream on two different screens at one time, cost just $25 per month. The premium subscription, which allows you to watch on up to three screens at once costs $35 per month. 

Compare these prices to the price of a Foxtel subscription, which will cost you at least $70 per month because of the mandatory packages that you have to sign up to, and it’s a no brainer for a sports fan who wants all of the content that Foxtel offers without the other stuff. 

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Join Kayo Sports

Kayo are currently offering a free 14-day trial for all new users, so even if you don’t think you’ll be able to afford the $25 a month for the full package, it’s worth checking out for free for two weeks! 

Pro tip: Wait until a specific sporting event you really want to watch rolls around and then use your 14-day free trial!