DraftKings Review

DraftKings is now closed to Australian customers, but please read on for our DraftKings review.


American-made Daily Fantasy Sports website DraftKings, along with their main competitor FanDuel, are the two biggest DFS sites in the world by a fair stretch. If you needed proof of that fact, look no further than the staggering amount won in prizes by DraftKings members, which tops $1 Billion in a year. After a long wait and lots of anticipation, DraftKings arrived in Australia, but after a fun year or two, the doors have once again been closed to Australians. All Australian players are asked to withdraw their winnings and are no longer able to enter contests effective November 15th 2021.

We hope that one day DraftKings will be able to return to Australia to offer daily fantasy sports, and potentially even sports betting. In the meantime, read on for our DraftKings review and information about their products and services.

The likes of Moneyball and Draftstars boast some impressive prize pools as far as Daily Fantasy Sports websites go in Australia. However, the small but passionate Australian DFS community thirst for more, for something bigger, and that was DraftKings!

DraftKings boasts a wide range of Daily Fantasy Sports, but their bread and butter is the four American sports, for which they have weekly tournaments of upwards of $3,000,000 prize pools. These sports include NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB are accompanied by college football and basketball, as well as Golf, UFC and Soccer, so there’s always plenty of action. When DraftKings launched in Australia, they also offered AFL contests, although the prize pools were disappointingly small by comparison to their other offerings.

The navigation at DraftKings is easy to use and similar in many ways to that of the Australian sites. With so many tournaments on daily it can be daunting trying to find the right one for you, but the filters at the top of the lobby let you narrow your search criteria, making navigation extremely easy. The featured tournaments are moved to the top of the lobby which also allows you to quickly find those contests worth millions of dollars!

draftkings lobby

Once you’ve located the tournament you want to enter, selecting your team couldn’t be easier. Although the player values and some scoring systems differ slightly to that of the Australian sites, it’s very simple to familiarize yourself and once your team is created you’ll be able to track it in the live contest centre.

All the features we’ve mentioned above might seem pretty stock standard compared to Australian DFS sites, but the thing that sets DraftKings apart from others is their massive prize pools. Granted there will be 100x as many contestants in each of the tournaments you enter, but DraftKings Australia will finally offer Australian DFS players a chance to win truly life-changing amounts of money!

We hope to one day see DraftKings available to Australian players once again.


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